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This guide will be a brief explanation of the three build-in functions to render data in Next.js. No difficult in-depth features so everyone can understand and start using these functions yourself.

Next.js is a framework used to generate static and service rendered content, among various other things. In your Next.js…


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In TypeScript, there are multiple built-in utility (default) types. It would be a good thing to know they exist because they are handy in some situations. Some are easier to understand than others. I am going to explain them in a short and simple way, so everyone can understand them.

1 — Partial


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1: Please, be consistent

Nothing is more confusing than seeing code where there is no consistency. All the things like; formatting, casing, name conventions, documentation. It could make your life easier if they are consistent. Try to do everything in one way, and make conventions/guidelines with your co-workers. So you will generally continue to…


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An overview of only the array methods that can mutate the original array. Some of these are already well-known, and some of them aren’t used as often. Let’s get through them all, without difficult explanations.

Note: this also applies for TypeScript

Adding items

1 — push

The most well-known method is push. In the example…

Are const and final in Dart the same?

With my JavaScript/TypeScript background I was already familiar with the const keyword. In Java, you don’t have const, but the equal is final. When I started working with Dart (for Flutter) I was surprised by both of these two keywords available, for me they looked exactly the same. …

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